Gas Treatment

As a result of urbanization, many residential areas are becoming more exposed to odour-emitting fumes from industrial estates and municipal sewage treatment facilities.

Traditional gas treatment technologies, like absorption by carbon and chemical scrubbers, have been widely used by the industry in the past decade.  However, operators are often faced with drawbacks such as high replacement and disposal costs and chemical consumption costs, as well as the inherent adverse impact to the environment associated with chemical discharge and waste disposal.

Biological trickling filtration technology is a fairly new development that we have applied to treat straightforward foul gas emissions from municipal sewage treatment works, as well as complex industrial emissions.  This technology avoids the drawbacks of environmental chemical consumption and disposal.

We have also developed our in-house capability to design biological trickling filters through pilot tests and co-operation with overseas’ technology partners. The successful application of odour treatment systems in municipal sewage works and pumping stations has undoubtedly demonstrated the environmental benefits of this technology, and it is encouraging that further implementation will be used in other plants and facilities, as well as application in future development projects.