Sewage Treatment

ATAL Environmental Engineering has been an active participant in the public sewage treatment market since the late 1970’s and it is recognized as an industry leader in Hong Kong for the construction of sewage treatment plants.

With many years of experience, we have undertaken hundreds of projects and acquired a vast knowledge bank of experience covering different types of sewage and wastewater treatment technologies.  Such projects have ranged from small scale private installations to the mega electrical and mechanical works for the largest, most demanding sewage treatment needs, serving over 3 million people.

Although treatment of sewage before disposal is now commonplace, we have been fine-tuning our knowledge in treating water resources.  Since early 2000, we have been developing our know-how and unique expertise to deploy advanced biological treatment and membrane filtration technologies to treat effluent, thus facilitating recycling applications to meet the different levels of needs for reclaimed water.

It is our mission to foster a culture that promotes innovation alongside technological development so as to continually improve the quality of our services whilst maximizing the business value for our clients.