Water Treatment

ATAL Environmental Engineering provides a comprehensive design service, using processes such as coagulation and flocculation, pH adjustment, sedimentation, rapid gravity filtration, chlorination, UV disinfection, ozonation and sludge treatment; all of which are highly adaptable to our clients’ requirements and standards.
We have a strong track record in the design and construction of municipal water treatment facilities, pumping stations, desalination plants and seawater treatment systems for marine mammals including:


  • Ma On Shan Water Treatment Works
  • Ngau Tam Mei Water Treatment Works
  • Shandong Weihai Water Treatment Works
  • Jilin Changchun No. 5 Water Treatment Works
  • Hebei Tangshan Water Treatment Works
  • Hunan Hengyang Water Treatment Works
  • Life Support System at Vet Hospital and Polar Adventure of Ocean Park

Our work on the Ngau Tam Mei Water Treatment Works in Hong Kong, which has a capacity of 230,000 cubic metres per day, won the American Academy of Environmental Engineers' Superior Achievement Award in 2001 for being the first water treatment plant in the world to use dual-stage filtration with granular activated carbon to remove ammonia rather than utilize the more potentially carcinogenic process of break-point chlorination.  This plant was also the first to utilize ozone disinfection in Hong Kong.